Add Value to Your Home with Houseplants

HouseplantsUsing houseplants to bring nature indoors isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s good for your health, too. There are many plants that do double duty: they add greenery to your home, and they enhance your quality of life by improving the air quality and absorbing odors. You absorb oxygen when you breathe in and release carbon dioxide when you breathe out. Indoor plants take in the carbon dioxide you exhale and release oxygen into the air; thereby increasing the oxygen level in your home. But it gets better; plants add humidity to the air, which makes breathing easier in the winter when the house is buttoned up tight.

Indoor plants also absorb toxins that get emitted into the air from cigarette smoke, and even substances leaching into the air from carpeting and vinyl. The synergy doesn’t get any better than that! There are literally hundreds of beneficial houseplants. You can find good information about the best indoor houseplants at This authoritative site helps identify common species; you can find photographs of the most popular house plants. There’s also great advice about how to take care of each plant, and you can ask for specific advice about any problems you might be having with a particular house plant.

Keeping plants in your home is easy, affordable, and good for your health. For best results, try to have at least one plant in every room, including the bathroom, for the best air quality and odor absorption, and of course, for the best decorative effect.

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