Protecting Your Family From Fire Hazards In Your Home

Protecting Your Family From Fire Hazards In Your HomeThe Home Safety Council reports that fires and burns are the third leading cause of home injury in the United States. The sad fact is, many times, these fires can be prevented. Many homeowners have a fire alarm system and – while the fire alarm is effective in monitoring company notifies you and you fire in progress – do not prevent fire alarm. Do not put yourself and your family at unnecessary risk. If you know where the main problem for the fire, you can perform the assessment with the spaces and make the changes needed before you and your family become victims.

Most people focus on when it comes to kitchen fires. They ensure that their fire alarm system including smoke detectors and fire in the kitchen and fire extinguishers. Most people already know that they must:

• Do not leave the kitchen while cooking

• Do not wear loose clothing around fire or gas burner

• Always watch carefully during cooking oil spill

• Never have paper, plastic or other flammables near the burner

However, most homeowners stop there. Unfortunately, we all have our entire house fire hazard. Every room needs to be given due attention to preventing fires from occurring. Installing a fire alarm is a great idea, but you can not stop there. To be thorough, use the following list to survey the space-by spaces. After you finish, you can feel more confident that you and your family safe from potential fire.

Guest room

– The stove has a screen, glass doors or other protective equipment to prevent sparks from the fireplace.

– Matches and lighters are stored in locked cabinet if small children at home.

– The fireplace has been inspected and cleaned annually by a professional is needed.

Garage or Regional Spatial

– Chemicals (including fertilizers), which is locked and out of reach of children.

– Gasoline and kerosene stored outside in a cool place in well-ventilated containers.

– Grills saved at least two feet away from anything flammable, including shrubs and tree branches.

– Grills have been cleaned of all oil droplets, inside and outside.

All Rooms

– Cigarettes dipped in water prior to sale.

– Candles never abandoned.

– Space heaters kept a few feet away from drapes and curtains, newspapers, magazines, books, blankets, towels or other flammables.

– Electrical outlets are not overloaded.

– Power cables in good condition and not obsolete.

If you only need one or two hours to inspect your home, you can dramatically reduce your chances of falling victim to the fire. The alarm system is a tremendous help in tough times, but by taking some preventive steps, you greatly reduce the possibility of accidents happening in your home.

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